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We help brands reach the right Influencers for their campaigns, that would maximize their budget and drive positive results. While we help Influencers reach their financial goals.

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As a full-service influencer marketing agency, Influence understands that brands have slightly different indicators of success. With this in mind, they partner with their clients to deliver fully-managed, innovative, human-to-human influencer marketing campaigns.

Tapped into a network of elite influencers, Influence’s mission is to lead the creation of influencer generated content that stays engaging, grabs attention, and results in the metrics that matter to brands. They are innovators, game-changers, and take pride in every project curated and touched.

Our Aproach 


We will focus your Influencer Marketing Campaign based on your vision, mission, and achieving the goals you set by asking key questions about your objectives. 



We will help you define the right audience, narrowed to suite your objectives, in order to create influencer marketing campaigns that reach the right target audience.


We will match your target audience with  relevant influencers and send you a list to choose from, based on demographics, content type, audience size, etc..


The relationship between you and an Influencer has to involve a legal agreement where the Influencers know their rights and obligations. We will take care of having each Influencer that will be part of your Campaign sign an agreement and commit to the deliverables


In order to make any Influencer Campaign successful, you cannot just rely on the Influencers following, you need to think how to best engage with their users. We will help you create concepts and content that will make the Influencers followers interact with.


Tracking results is the most important thing to do when you want to understand the success of an Influencer Marketing campaign. We will put in place tracking pixels and tools that will provide you extensive reporting and tangible metrics for any of the activities.

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offers the following services:

  • Influencer Identification
  • Relationship Management
  • Influencer Campaign Management
  • Influencer Campaign Measurement
  • Campaign Reporting

As a creative and media agency, they focus on using the right influencers, creative content, and data-driven strategies to tell your story. They live and love social media. They build the bridge between influencer activations and performance marketing.

They split their work into six areas:

Influencer Strategy – Influencers become brand advocates; Pulse values both data and brand-fit alike.

Social Media Landscape – Pulse covers all social networks, including Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and WeChat.

Creative Storytelling – Pulse creates novel and innovative influencer concepts to tell your brand story.

Content and Events – Pulse works with influencers to deliver content and brand experiences that work.

Performance Marketing – Pulse uses its content to re-target influencer audiences.

Reporting and Analytics – Holistic reviews, quantitative and qualitative results empower future activations.

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