We connect Your Brand to Your Customers

We manage your social media accounts and create engaging content, run and manage digital campaigns, source and engage the right Social Media Influencers to convey your message, etc.

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Influence Factory

Where Brands meet Influencers

You are aware that influencer marketing can boost your brand awareness but you also need to know that getting the right influencers is crucial. We connect brands with the right influencers, at unbelievable prices. Giving brands the exposure they need and helping Influencers meet their financial goals.

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Black Tribe Media

A digital-first integrated media solutions company

We are a digital-first integrated media solutions company with best-in-market execution to deliver the best outcomes for our clients’ businesses. Using innovative platforms and technology, we provide creative cutting edge marketing solutions i.e. commercial supply chain and retail solutions to solve our clients’ marketing challenges while ensuring overall sustainable profitable growth and optimizing stakeholder values.

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We can help your customers engage with your brand in a meaningful way.

Our Process


We start by gathering enough insight on your business and the solutions you provide. This helps us define the audience.


We create a strategy that suites your business, conveying a clear message in a way that would appeal to the audience.


We execute the strategy and closely monitor its performance to ensure it delivers as anticipated.


We send you a well analyzed and interpreted report, giving you enough data to make  business decisions.

Online to Offline

We can help organize and manage your corporate and social events, offline activation campaigns, brand awareness rallies, etc. From venue sourcing to event coverage, we’ve got you covered.

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Distribution & Retail

We help you get the right partners and tools 

We connect brands with the right partners that would help get your product closer to your customers. This gives you a competitive advantage you need to compete in a digital world.